Eastercon & Update

I've gotten really bad at posting updates... Too busy, too stressed, too everything. Anyway, here's quick catch up...

I've had a really good Eastercon this year. Partly it was because I now know more people in the community so there's always someone to hang out with. The other part was that somehow this convention seemed smaller than last year, at least in terms of the number of pros present, so it was easier to meet new people. I'm not sure if point two really was true or an illusion due to point one, but either way, it worked out well.

Highlights included:

Codex Writers lunch, finally meeting some UK-based Codexians as well as some visitors. (Why didn't we take any pictures?)

The panel I moderated on The Future of Space Opera with John Scalzi, Aliette de Bodard and Zoe Sumra:

(Here I am, looking all in control, hehe)

And post BSFA awards party, where some of us did our best to embarrass Gareth Powell in every possible way:

(I'm the one on the right)

Now, this would probably merit a separate post, but since it happened just after the con, I'll put it here: I've decided to part ways with my agent. It was a difficult decision as he is a great person and I honestly like him and respect him a lot as a person. Still, I don't think he's the best agent for me at this stage. We parted ways amicably, with mutual agreement. Now I'm bracing myself for a new chapter.


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